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West Tampa Condo and a Water Leak

A leaking pipe, even a small drip, can eventually lead to a ruined floor and walls in a West Tampa townhouse. SERVPRO recommends to our seasonal residents to ha... READ MORE

Tampa Garage Encounters Significant Mold Infestations

Since a stand-alone garage is not attached to the living quarters of a Tampa home, there is a tendency, though not wise, to ignore the beginnings of a mold colo... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In West Tampa

Commercial water damage can bring your business to a screeching halt. The thought of losing revenue and productivity can add even more stress to the situation. ... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Tampa Home

Mold damage at this Tampa home was found near the baseboard in the kitchen. When the homeowners looked more closely, they discovered more mold behind the basebo... READ MORE

Severe Fire Damage to a Tampa Kitchen

The fire damage extended beyond the kitchen in this Tampa condo. Burned building materials and cabinets needed to be demolished and tossed out. The smoke and it... READ MORE

Tropical Storm Damage--Tampa

Strong winds and rain from a tropical storm can cause significant damage to commercial sites in Tampa. When structures are penetrated with winds and water resul... READ MORE

Storm-Related Damage--Tampa

Tropical storms often drive rainwater into buildings in the Tampa area. Waterlogged wall panels can be removed to reduce moisture, and to dry the wall cavities.... READ MORE

Charred Attic in West Tampa Post Fire

High-heat flash fires can char wood and leave a deposit of carbon on the joists and trusses, as shown in this West Tampa building. Since the fire was extinguish... READ MORE

Water Damage – Tampa Home

Water damage to this Tampa home’s garage began with a water heater located on the floor above the garage. The homeowner acted quickly by calling SERVPRO o... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Tampa Community Center

Storm damage occurred at this Tampa community center when a strong band of thunderstorms opened up a leak in the roof of the building allowing volumes of dirty ... READ MORE