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Commercial Water Removal Services Gets Your Town And Country Restaurant Back In Business

10/17/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Removal Services Gets Your Town And Country Restaurant Back In Business Unless they can reopen soon, many of these businesses face permanent closure.

Commercial Water Removal Services

Town and Country received a great deal of water from the recent storms and hurricanes. Many restaurants remained standing but filled with water. Unless they can reopen soon, many of these businesses face permanent closure.

SERVPRO wants to help businesses in the Town and Country area remain open with water removal services. It is crucial that we restore a reasonable level of dryness to a building before preparing it for cleaning and other restorative work. While still damp, microbes freely proliferate, damage accrues, and air continues to harbor moisture.

Trucks with mounted pumps carry the more substantial amounts of water out of your restaurant. Then we switch to smaller extraction units to remove the rest of the standing water that covers your floors. After we have removed and disposed of any carpeting, we can begin drying the walls and the other interior elements of your restaurant. Large air movers force air to whisk moisture out of walls and lift it up into the air. Air scrubbers and dehumidifiers extract microbes and humidity from this air, leaving the walls increasingly dry. These same air movers also work to dry ceilings and floors.

Sanitizing your kitchen area and dining facilities must also receive our attention before you can reopen your doors again. We wipe all surfaces down with anti-microbial cleansers. Debris is physically removed and placed in appropriate containers for disposal. When completed, your kitchen can function “Like it never even happened” once more.

A restaurant is much more than its kitchen, however. Dining areas must have a thorough cleaning and pass the sniff test, as well. Odors left behind by water and debris can pose unsettling problems for diners who merely want to enjoy a delicious meal. Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) helps make this happen for many of our customers. Restoring the furniture to pristine shape remains another aspect that we can help within the dining area. Tightening chairs to prevent a loose feel when used can preserve a fundamental part of the feel of your patrons' dining experience.

There are many other ways that the friendly professionals at SERVPRO of West Tampa can help restore your restaurant with commercial water removal services. We are always available. Our phone number is (813) 855-0888, and like our 24-hour service, we answer your calls no matter the time of day or night.

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Do Not Ignore What Seems Like Minor Damage to Your Tampa Condo When Arriving Home For Winter After Hurricane Irma

10/10/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Do Not Ignore What Seems Like Minor Damage to Your Tampa Condo When Arriving Home For Winter After Hurricane Irma Hurricane Irma Meets Up with Tampa--Call SERVPRO for Storm Water Removal and Cleanup

Storms Can Mean Mold Growth in Your Tampa Property

You breathed a heartfelt sigh of relief when the condo manager contacted you at your summer cabin near the Canadian border with the news that Irma’s raging winds and rain did little harm to your Southwest Florida winter home. After time with your family and the grandkids during the busy spring and summer months, you and your spouse look forward to the relative calm of your retirement home near the Gulf.
A quick inspection of your Tampa property after you arrive to settle in for the fall and winter reveals just some light staining by a few windows, any water blown in through the aging silicone caulk apparently dried out now. Unfortunately, your reprieve is short lived as after a day or two you notice an unpleasant smell near the windows that took the brunt of the Category 2 storm.
Anytime you smell a musty odor, especially when it is accompanied by staining, you may be observing a telltale signal that microbial growth is actively happening within your home. Mold spores need only a source of moisture and an organic surface to infiltrate and consume to multiply. They do not need light and often proliferate in recesses between interior walls and the exterior of a house. It is quite likely that the rainwater driven by the strong winds of Hurricane Irma dripped and seeped into the space under the window sills where a mold colony is now thriving.
Remediating mold damage from any cause is a job for professionals from SERVPRO. You do not need to spend your hard-earned relaxation time searching for the outbreak and attempting to manage it properly. Expert mold abatement is available from A reputable local water damage restoration company, and we are skilled at finding even hidden mold infestations.
Trying to cope with mold damage without professional help is unwise. Let the SERVPRO pros take the steps necessary, following the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols taught in Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) courses, the industry standard. Work with the remediators you hire to solve the problems posed by poorly maintained or aging windows in your Florida condo and never worry about coming back to mold damage after your summer up north again.
Enjoy your Florida retirement retreat, even more, when you partner with SERVPRO of West Tampa that is an industry leader in water damage recovery, including ancillary issues like mold growth. Think about a yearly inspection at your Florida homecoming as insurance for a problem-free winter. Call us anytime at (813) 855-0888.

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Fire Damage In Tampa From Candles And Heaters

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage In Tampa From Candles And Heaters Candles can cause fire damage in just a minute or two.

Fire Damage Restoration

As Tampa neighborhoods are starting to recover from the recent hurricane, routine items like inspection and maintenance get forgotten in the clean-up. Despite the desire to put everything back as it was before Irma, not paying attention to a few core issues can result in another disaster like a house fire.

Many homeowners overlook the things that are typically common sense. Recent events, however, have thrown common sense out the window, for those residents who still have windows. Power is on again to Tampa, but fire damage can happen even when surrounded by stormwater. SERVPRO advises everyone to remember these causes of fire damage and be ready for the next hurricane or tropical storm.

Candles are lovely for a relaxing atmosphere and a necessity when the power was out last week. In both situations, homeowners and residents forget to keep an eye on them, and a fire can happen in just a minute or two. We do not recommend candles, but if the next storm forces your hand, remember the following; do not use them in the bedroom, keep anything flammable a foot away from them, and don't burn them all the way down.

Folks forget how quickly the temperature drops at night around here. Space heaters are easy to run off a portable generator and provide some degree of comfort when everything else is still out. Most of them are not meant for continuous operation and can grow too hot. Worse, people hang socks or other clothing on the heater to dry them. SERVPRO recommends that our customers should turn them off before going to sleep or leaving home for any length of time.

Lastly, make sure your smoke detector is working. It is the simplest way to prevent a fire, but it is often the last thought in the mind of a homeowner when there are six inches of water in the living room. It may seem ridiculous, but we at SERVPRO cannot recommend checking the detector enough, even if you have water past your high-tops when you do it.

After any major disaster, there are a dozen things that need to get done each day, every day until you return to your home. Preventing another disaster should be one of them. Despite our training and experience, SERVPRO of West Tampa knows that the best way to stop any damage is to prevent it from happening. If you need our help with a current problem or want to get ahead of the next storm; call us today at (813) 855-0888.

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Reopening Your Hotel is Imperative after Flood Damage in Tampa

9/17/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Reopening Your Hotel is Imperative after Flood Damage in Tampa SERVPRO Keeps Tampa Hotels Open After Storm and Water Damage

Water Damage Affects Hotel Business

Water gushing in through the doors of your hotel in Tampa can feel like a nightmare. Carpeting becomes soaked with dirty water, walls begin to swell from the water wicking upwards, furniture ends up in jumbles in corners, and the destruction seems ruinous.

Tampa hoteliers can reclaim their hotel from serious water damage with help from SERVPRO. We became experts in our field by helping other major businesses and government facilities recover from similar devastating events. We strengthened our experience by earning certificates from the IICRC. Our Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) and Commercial Drying Specialist (CDS) certificates mean we can perform the work required to get your hotel open again and ready to receive your valuable guests once more.
If part of your hotel remains open to guests, we are also capable of setting up our equipment so that disruption to your guests' activities remain minimized. In severe flooding situations, complete closure of your hotel becomes much more likely, allowing us to work more quickly. Because we can concentrate on mitigation of flood damage without needing to keep guests' comfort and safety in mind, we can significantly minimize the time your hotel remains at risk.
The most visible aspects of our work include eliminating standing and puddled water, cleaning up of garbage and debris, removing damaged sections of walls, and drying out floors in preparation of new carpeting. There are several other parts to restoration and complete mitigation that must take place.
Testing of each guest room for the presence of mold spores and other microbes that can exist on surfaces and in the air and humidity levels provides us with answers that help us complete our work thoroughly. We do this before starting work, and then as the work progresses, and once again when we finish.
Ensuring that your hotel is dry once again is not enough. High standards while cleaning and sanitizing, especially in areas that can impact the health of guests and employees, are required. Application of antimicrobial agents kills pathogens.
Inside the hotel's kitchen, all foodstuffs that the water came into contact with, no matter how briefly, needs disposing of properly. Serving these items to guests or other individuals is in violation of health codes. All surfaces, including the undersides of counters and shelves, need disinfecting agents applied. Floors are cleaned and mopped, so they are again sanitary.
Throughout your hotel, flooding can create odors that your guests may find very disagreeable. We eliminate the problem at the source, so there is no more musty water-logged smell wafting through your hotel. Carpets in non-flooded areas can also hold moisture, so we highly recommend cleaning of these places.
SERVPRO of West Tampa can provide you with all of these services and any others that your hotel requires. Our goal is to help you restore normal business operations quickly and seamlessly. Call us at your convenience, day or night, at (813) 855-0888.

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Severe Flood Damage in Tampa Exacerbates Temporary Homelessness for Many

9/15/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Severe Flood Damage in Tampa Exacerbates Temporary Homelessness for Many Damage after a storm can be overwhelming and leave you wondering if you'll ever get back into your home. Contact SERVPRO for exhaustive remediation.

SERVPRO Technicians are Quick to Respond After Flooding Preventing Secondary Damages From Setting In

Tampa is quite often in the path of hurricanes and homes and businesses suffer thousands of dollars in damage. A large percentage of this damage is related to the flooding inherent in such horrific weather systems. A hurricane leaving an area does not guarantee that the crisis poses no further problems for homeowners. It only means that cleanup efforts can begin.
When a hurricane hits the area, flood damage in Tampa is almost impossible to avoid. While flooding continues to affect an area, the costs of mitigating the damage increases. When we arrive, pumping out the flooded floors of your home becomes a priority. Eliminating any additional moisture follows, with moisture levels monitored as the work continues. This includes the humidity in the air inside your home.
Left without a place to call home, Floridians need to restore their homes quickly. Completion of necessary repairs not only re-establishes 'home' but it also decreases the risk of secondary types of damage. After a hurricane, the air outside can remain saturated for a long time. Instead of opening doors and windows to permit faster evaporation rates, we close these openings. Doing so creates an enclosed space that can become drier faster because of the increased control maintained over the indoor environment. With little humidity able to enter, a state of dryness is easier to obtain.
Soaked materials in a home become swollen and warped. Such materials no longer function as they should, even once dry again. The changes in the physical appearance alone can render many materials unusable. While the experts in restoration at SERVPRO always save as much as possible during each job, some materials can pose risks if salvaged and reused or never removed and left intact. We put our expansive knowledge to work for you, so your family is protected in the future after the work is done and long after.
The professional team members at SERVPRO of West Tampa know how flood damage from hurricanes can affect our community. Each home is important to not only the family who lives there but also to the neighborhood and the community as a whole. Call us at (813) 855-0888 at any time, whenever your home needs restoration work of any kind.

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Emergency Fire Damage Restoration Services For Tampa Properties

8/24/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Emergency Fire Damage Restoration Services For Tampa Properties Every fire comes with a unique type of damage.

Fire Damage Restoration Services

When it comes to fire disasters, any fire damage restoration professional can tell you that extinguishing the fire is the easy part. The only way to restore most of the materials in the building is by rigorous evaluation, cleanup, repair, and replacement. Every fire comes with a unique type of damage. Low oxygen fires tend to leave wet, smoky residues that are harder to remove than the drier smoke residue that a high oxygen fire generates. Additionally, the water used to extinguish the fire can cause indoor humidity to rise significantly, allowing more smoke and residue to penetrate the wood in the structure.

Whichever type of fire you are dealing with; you need to contact a fire restoration company as soon as the firefighting crew departs. SERVPRO is locally based and can provide quick and efficient fire damage restoration services for your Tampa home. We have highly skilled professionals who are certified by the IICRC, ensuring that you get back control of your home in no time.

SERVPRO professionals offer specialized services for getting rid of bad odors left by smoke or fire damage. We seek out the odor sources and eliminate them instead of simply covering them with a fragrance. This process involves using advanced deodorization equipment such as Thermal Foggers and Ultra Low Volume Foggers. Thermal foggers are suitable for confined spaces while ULV foggers can easily penetrate sites with odor-causing residues.

If the house contents are at risk of additional fire damage from prolonged exposure, we may recommend a move-out. Our experts are adequately trained on proper move-out procedures to prevent additional damage to your property, including efficient inventory taking. We use Contents Claim Inventory Service technology to generate comprehensive inventories for each room. Contents are grouped into questionable, salvageable, and non-salvageable items for easier settlement.

To determine the best cleaning services for the job, our technicians must first test the extent of the smoke damage. We use air and fluids to extract soils, either through vacuuming or dissolving. Vacuuming is particularly useful for removing dry particles that are loosely attached to surfaces. When they come into contact with moisture, solid particles can be difficult to clean off. Dissolving is used to remove soils and residues that are not loose particles. In this case, it is important to consider the type of surface involved to avoid damaging the material being cleaned. Some surfaces are vulnerable to water while others do not react well with solvents.

Whether small or large, fire can occur unexpectedly and cause considerable property damage. Fortunately, you have SERVPRO of West Tampa to count on for fast and efficient fire damage restoration services. In case of an emergency, contact us immediately at (813) 855-0888.

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Facts about Mold and Mold Damage can Help You Protect Your Tampa Home

8/9/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Facts about Mold and Mold Damage can Help You Protect Your Tampa Home Mold must have moisture to grow.

Facts About Mold

There is much information online that complements much of the knowledge many people have about mold. However, scientific knowledge and recent discoveries dispel much of these commonly held beliefs that many surmise to be true. Knowing the facts can help you in your responsibilities in protecting your home. Here are three four five that may surprise you.

Mold likes bleach! Because cleaning with bleach and other household cleaners only masks the growth and presence of microbial infestations, there is little reason to use bleach. For example, bleach bought in the grocery store contains very little sodium hypochlorite, the substance that makes bleach a good cleaner and stain remover for whites in the laundry, but the majority of the contents is plain water. Microbes love water, from any source, including bleach and other cleansers. Besides, the sodium hypochlorite molecules are too large to penetrate into the actual drywall because the paper covering is too dense. We have training in not only mold remediation, but also in mold prevention and can apply microbial growth inhibitors that make recurrence much less likely to happen.

Mold cannot grow in conditions of normal humidity. Mold must have moisture to grow. Without moisture, microbes become dormant and pose little threat unless disturbed. Disturbing microbes can release them into the air. When these living but dormant microorganisms settle in damp or moist areas in your home, they begin to grow.

Having a dehumidifier running, especially in damper areas of your home can significantly reduce the amount of moisture in the air inside your entire home, not just the immediate vicinity near the dehumidifier. SERVPRO has easy-to-maintain dehumidifiers that we can install for you.

Water can appear almost anywhere in your home. Leaks under sinks are common, but toilets and tubs can leak underneath their drains. Refrigerators can also have small leaks in their ice maker's water lines. Misaligned siding on exterior walls can allow precipitation to enter. Basements can develop cracks in walls and floors that become gateways to moisture.

Our technicians know how to use state-of-the-art technology, including infrared devices and hygrometers. These devices quickly show where moisture is at and allows us to put a stop to any further problems for you. When your home is dry, damage from fungal growth is much less able to happen. However, if mold damage does exist, calling us, your local SERVPRO of West Tampa at (813) 855-0888 can put a stop to it, restore your home once again, and make future growth nearly impossible.

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Commercial Flood Damage In Tampa

7/28/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Commercial Flood Damage In Tampa Flood damage can destroy your commercial property.

Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration

One of the fun reasons to travel in Florida is the variety of places to stay. The big hotels bring in millions of people each year, but many people prefer a smaller room that looks like a movie scene or swim in a pool shaped like a shamrock.

There are smaller hotels and motels like this throughout West Tampa. These kitschy, little commercial ventures are usually family owned, so when they suffer flood damage, they do not have the deep pockets of a large-chain to spread out the costs of shutting down for several days or even a week or two. SERVPRO understands this can mean going into debt that no one wants, or having to shut their doors permanently.

These hotel owners can fix leaky pipes easily enough, but when a shower head breaks or an intake pipe for a kitchenette fails, the results can quickly soak the carpet in not just that room, but the ones on either side. If it happens on a second floor, it truly is a disaster. Fortunately, this is what we do for a living.

Since the carpets for hotels and motels are commercial-grade, they are easier to dry than the carpets in a private home. The gap is much shorter, and there is rarely a pad underneath. It means our technicians can usually go directly to extraction wands to draw out any trapped water. What would previously take a day or perhaps two for each room in a private home, we can accomplish in a morning or afternoon. If there is flooding in a larger area like a business center or conference room, technicians can still accomplish this in a day or two at most.

With the water gone, and before we begin to dry it, we check the carpets for stains. We do this at this point because stains are simpler to remove when the carpet is still damp. Most of them come out using only a brush to remove the dirt or other particles. If the stains are resistant to brushing, we use a variety of commercial shampoos and a powered scrubber to get them out.

Now that the carpet is stain-free, we quickly move to dry it out. It does not take long for an odor to develop, so technicians utilize air movers, heaters, and box fans to speed up the drying process. Again, with a shorter nap and no carpet pad, what could take several days or a week, we can accomplish in just one. If we find mold in the carpet, we recommend replacing it since the restoration cost is usually much more than buying new carpet.

At SERVPRO of West Tampa, we do not look at this as just another carpet to clean. Our community shares in every success and small business owners are the backbones of that. We do everything we can to keep every door open, every customer satisfied, and every tourist happy and wanting to come back next year. If you need us, call (813) 855-0888 today.

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An Overflow from a Hotel Kitchenette can Require Extensive Water Removal Efforts in Tampa

7/10/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage An Overflow from a Hotel Kitchenette can Require Extensive Water Removal Efforts in Tampa SERVPRO Professionals know that working quickly is vital to keeping damage from increasing or spreading.

Water Overflow? Call SERVPRO

Having an in-suite kitchenette is one of the amenities that many people expect to have when traveling outside their hometown. However, just as when they are at home, accidents can happen, leading to extensive damages. These damages can be worse the higher the floor involved.

There are no buildings in Tampa that are impervious to disasters and overflows from a hotel room's kitchenette sink can require water removal services for large portions of that hotel. It may take hours for guests on lower floors to report the problem, especially during busy times when few people are in their room.

Water that goes undetected because guests are out sightseeing and enjoying the attractions in Tampa can create enormous water losses. The damage caused by overflows like this is never insignificant, either. Water removal is the best way to restore affected buildings quickly and thoroughly.

Because many floors are affected at one time, SERVPRO Professionals know that working quickly is vital to keeping damage from increasing or spreading. For hotels, keeping disruptions to a minimum and equipment as out of the way as much as possible is necessary to reduce the impact already experienced. However, we also know from experience that inspecting and assessing the area to gain a complete understanding of the disaster is paramount to being able to make it “Like it never even happened” once again.

Water problems of this magnitude, which is considered a Class 3 level, must be dealt with at every floor level that is affected in the hotel. Ceilings, floors, walls, and hotel furnishings must all be considered. We can discuss guests' belongings and their care, if desired. After as much water as is possible is extracted using extraction equipment designed for water that is visible on the surface, we switch to using heat and dehumidification with the use of air blowers.

Heat speeds up the evaporation process, and when porous materials are affected by water, they tend to release the moisture they hold just as easily as they absorbed it in the first place. Some materials are harder to dry out, such as concrete and wood because their structures trap moisture more quickly because of their higher densities. For the air circulation system to refrain from dispersing moisture that the heaters bring up out of materials, these should be turned off in the affected area.

Air blowers are used to keep the air moving so that moisture cannot settle on surfaces, only to be reabsorbed again, while the dehumidifiers collect the moisture from the air and trap it in containers. Floors are treated with heated pads that bring up moisture caught in them. Walls are dried more quickly when air blowers are directed at them, whisking that moisture out of them. Dampness felt on walls does not mean the process is failing, but rather that it is working as it should.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

While the water removal process can be an intensive task, no job is too large for SERVPRO of West Tampa. We can be reached, any day and at any time, by calling our local number (813) 855-0888. We know that your hotel is an important part of our area's overall economy and that your guests are what drive your business. We always treat our customers' guests like we would our own, with courtesy and respect.

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Persistent Mold in Tampa Needs Remediation From SERVPRO

6/20/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Persistent Mold in Tampa Needs Remediation From SERVPRO Call SERVPRO today to remediate a current mold infestation AND get help with preventing any future damage.

Repeated Mold Infestations can Be Elusive to Get a Handle on Without Professional Help

Mold growth and abatement require you to strike a balance between the conditions that allow fungi to flourish and the comfort of the average human. If you constantly battle mold in a commercial setting, another approach may be needed. Work with SERVPRO to discover and permanently remedy the moisture problems that cause persistent mold growth.
Your housekeeping staff is top-notch, yet you never seem to get ahead of hotel mold damage in your Tampa lodging property. Every time a housekeeper cleans a guest bathroom, they are to look carefully for mold and mildew. They almost always find a patch and apply a bleach solution to eradicate it. Although mold is common in all bath areas, struggling with it daily is unsustainable and an indication that your plan is not working. We would love an opportunity to evaluate your situation to see our mold remediation protocol offers a better and more permanent outcome.
Mold needs oxygen, moisture and a source of carbon-based nourishment to grow and prosper. Your hotel baths have plenty of oxygen. You might be surprised to know the remaining nourishment sources are possibly the thin coating of invisible soap scum for carbon and the water used to dilute the bleach solution. SERVPRO staff train to learn how to locate, contain and remove the microbial growth, in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) procedure to remediate mold in schools and commercial buildings.
We use targeted biocide or anti-microbial products to disinfect the area, a much better decision than the use of bleach. Bleach lightens the color of the mold but does not remove or kill the tiny fungi. This explains why the same area darkens time after time, even after serious scrubbing by your housekeepers. Our SERVPRO team then takes the investigation a crucial step further. We determine why the moisture level in your bathrooms is providing such an efficient incubator for mold.
Measurements of ambient humidity reveal the moisture content of the air alone in your guest bathrooms encourages the mold outbreaks. The answer is variable, including an inspection of your HVAC systems and a close look at how well your ventilation fans are reducing moisture. One thing that makes a huge difference is to link the bath light with the fan at all times, eliminating the choice for your guests to shower and bathe without the fan running.
If hard to manage mold outbreaks are causing your hotel review scores to dip, contact SERVPRO of West Tampa for a comprehensive evaluation and mold remediation. Call us at (813) 855-0888 to solve this problem.

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