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DIY Water Removal Mistakes Can Be Costly

6/14/2019 (Permalink)

Rely on SERVPRO For Water Damage Restoration in Tampa

For Water Removal, Rely on SERVPRO of West Tampa 

Water damage is no laughing matter. Rather, it is an expensive matter. In fact, the American Insurance Association reports that property damage from floods and water leaks cost residential property owners $9 billion between the years of 2017 and 2019. As a result of the economic challenges that water damage can cause, many homeowners are tempted to save money by completing the water damage restoration processes on their own. However, this course of action is imprudent and can even be dangerous.

Learn why you should always call a professional water damage restoration service by reviewing the information found below:

The Professionals Are Knowledgeable And Certified 

Numerous factors must be carefully considered during the water removal process. Luckily, water remediation experts from SERVPRO of West Tampa have the knowledge necessary to complete essential restoration processes like the minimization of structural damage and loss of keepsakes that results from floods. Additionally, the professionals know that even minor leaks can get into crevices and cracks, thereby causing unpleasant odors and numerous other household issues. Our specialists use knowledge and hands-on experience to quickly and correctly eradicate these problems.

Professionals Have All The Right Equipment

In addition to possessing the training necessary to complete the restoration process, we have the proper equipment necessary to expedite the water extraction. Some of the equipment used by professionals to complete the remediation work include dehumidifiers, fans, and moisture meters. Most members of the general public do not have the tools and equipment necessary to expedite and optimize the restoration project. Relax, no stress, let us do the job for you.

Professionals Can Eliminate Mold

Damp flooring, ceilings, and walls create the ideal medium for the fungus to thrive in especially in our humid climate here in Florida. Another reason why you should always obtain professional water removal services is that our technicians know how to remediate mold quickly and correctly. A mold infestation can cause health effects. Once your home has been subjected to excess water, attaining professional water damage restoration services is a must. Attempting to remove the water on your own can be dangerous. To get the precise, professional services you deserve, contact the professionals of SERVPRO. Our industry leading experts will arrive quickly and provide you with the fast-acting, goal-centered services that get your home back in excellent condition.   When water damage occurs, SERVPRO of  West Tampa has the resources and personnel to help.

Call us today 24/7 for immediate help at (813) 855-0888.

Understanding Different Types of Water Damage | SERVPRO of West Tampa

4/26/2019 (Permalink)

Flooded house

Severe weather can happen often here in Tampa and is usually one of the first things that comes to mind for many when the subject of water damage comes up.

Storms and flooding can cause catastrophic water damage however they are often not the main culprits. Instead, there are also various items in your home that can be responsible for many situations that result in water damage.

Water damage is something that many homeowners will face, with it being the third most common reason for homeowners to file a homeowners insurance claim between 2011 and 2015, paying out an average of $8,861 per claim.

It is important to know the difference between water damage and gradual water damage, and how it can impact insurance claims. For example, slow leaks inside walls from appliances such as ice maker lines and washing machines can happen gradually and are ongoing situations that have been happening over a period of time. Plumbing issues in the walls can cause damage to walls, ceilings or floors, or water damage caused by cracks in the foundation. Unfortunately, many gradual water damage situations are not covered by homeowner’s insurance, while storm-related water damage usually is.

According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), the leading causes of water damage are:

  • Plumbing supply system failures. Per IBHS, plumbing supply system failures are the leading source of residential water losses and cost an average of $5,092 per incident after the deductible. In homes that were 16 to 40 years of age, this was a more frequent occurrence and made up a large group of supply system material failure claims.
  • Plumbing drain system failures. This can occur when a sewer drain backs up and overflows into a home or from material breakdown issues. 
  • Toilet failures. Toilet failures fall second in line to plumbing supply system failures for residential water damage loss, and can be caused by a faulty fill valve or clogged drain lines. 
  • Water heater failures. If your water heater has reached its life expectancy, the tank begins to rust and corrode. This can result in leaking or bursting issues. 
  • Washing machine failures. Typically caused by supply hose failures, drain line failures and machine overflows, washing machine failures are one of the top 10 sources of residential water damage losses. According to IBHS, supply hose failures were responsible for over half of all washing machine-related losses.

If your home ever experiences any water damage, SERVPRO of West Tampa is available  24/7 to help with cleanup and restoration and make it look “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at 813-855-0888

If You Encounter Water Damage In Your Tampa Home Call The Experts At SERVPRO Right Away

3/3/2019 (Permalink)

We are professionals in assessing the damage and risks associated with water damage and can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Water Damage To Your Home In Tampa- Big Or Small We Are Here For You

Living in Tampa means being careful of the effects of storms and heavy rainfall. Homeowners prepare by installing impact windows, making sure sewers are free of debris and stocking up on basic supplies. Seldom do we prepare for the consequences of a broken dishwasher or a leaking washing machine. As it slowly leaks overnight, it can flood a significant part of your home.

When you encounter water damage in your Tampa home, your belongings and the very foundation of your house are at risk. Our SERVPRO restoration team is available 24/7 to respond to your call land limit the exposure of the contents of your home to the water. By using specialized equipment and targeted techniques, we attempt to salvage as much of your home as possible.

Our top priority for our team is to extract the water from your home as quickly as possible. The longer your home’s structure is saturated with water; the more severe the damage can be. To quickly address any standing water, our SERVPRO team brings submersible pumps and handheld extraction wands for its removal. By carefully applying the principles of psychrometry, we monitor the moisture in your home and use heat and air to aid in the drying process.

As our SERVPRO team assesses the damage, we aim to isolate salvageable furniture and belongings, so they are no longer vulnerable to excessive humidity. We do this by relocating it to dry areas in the home or the outdoors if appropriate. Simultaneously, we carefully examine your walls, as drywall can absorb water rapidly, thus compromising its structural integrity. In some cases, we remove baseboards to allow us to drill small holes at the bottom of your walls where we can force air circulation to speed up the drying process.

If your water damage was not as dramatic, you might not think of calling us until your home shows unexplained changes. You may see some discoloration in your walls, encounter mold or a suspicious smell. These could all be indications that there is, or was, a water event not correctly restored. As soon as you detect any of these symptoms, reach out to our offices so we can react to the damage and reverse it as much as possible.

At SERVPRO of West Tampa, we are here to help you whether you are ankle-deep in water or you only see the effects of a couple of drops. We are professionals in assessing the damage and risks associated with water damage and can be reached at (813) 855-0888 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Tampa Water Loss Gets Help from SERVPRO

11/26/2018 (Permalink)

Tampa Homeowners Call SERVPRO to Cleanup and Restore after a Water Loss

Water Damage Cleanup After a Leak Roof in Your Tampa Home

Most people think a roof leak in Tampa is just a structural problem. However, it poses several safety and health risks as well. The constant intrusion of water slowly but steadily works its way down from your roof to your foundation, compromising the integrity of your whole structure if left unchecked. It can pose a threat of fire from shorted wires as well, plus rapidly growing mold.
To prevent this slow but devastating water damage to your Tampa home, you need to address roof leaks very quickly. At the first signs of roof damage, get in touch with our staff at SERVPRO. We are specially trained to handle these situations in a fast but efficient manner so we can avoid further damage happening to your home.
One thing we may likely have to replace are ceiling tiles where the water came down through your roof. Usually, these are less expensive to replace than to dry. Plus, water can stain the tiles and make them bow, so they become an eyesore as well if not replaced. SERVPRO technicians can remove ceiling tiles during the drying process so air can circulate and dry the wet areas above the tiles.
When the water has gone down through your walls, drying several layers of sheetrock requires longer drying time. Drying just one layer of wet drywall usually takes five to seven days, and two segments can take ten to fourteen days. We monitor the layers using a penetrating moisture tester with Teflon coated probes. These probes are used in inconspicuous places, and we patch the holes during the process of restoration. When wet, drywall becomes more fragile, so we make sure to be careful as we work. It stabilizes more as it dries out.
SERVPRO staff also checks and dries all flooring and subflooring for any water damage. If needed, we take the appropriate action depending on the type of floor and set out air moves and dehumidifiers to ensure a faster drying time.
SERVPRO of West Tampa are the ones to call when you have a leaky roof and water damage to your home in Rocky Point, Town, and Country, or West Tampa. Call us right away at (813) 855-0888 when you realize there is a problem and we can be out to your home in a timely fashion to help you restore your structure.

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How SERVPRO Removes Water From Your Tampa Home

10/30/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has the know-how and equipment to remove unwanted water from your home.

Water Removal in Tampa – What to Expect From SERVPRO Technicians

Water is a useful resource. Tampa residents use it to quench their thirst, doing laundry, taking a bath, for gardening and washing dishes. Problem is this helpful resource can become destructive. The main issue can originate from a faulty appliance or plumbing.  Your carpet, rugs, and furniture absorb the water.   To prevent further damage to your belongings and home, contact water removal experts.

Getting the help of water removal professionals in Tampa translates to a speedy response and cleanup of your home. In so doing, your carpet and furniture are left dry together with your hardwood floors, books, art, and other valuables.

Apart from a speedy response, homeowners should expect well trained and experienced professionals from SERVPRO. Not only do we possess the necessary knowledge to prevent water damage in your home, but we use the top quality equipment. Also, we are IICRC certified. As certified technicians, we carry out all water removal and cleanup procedures following industry standards, which assures you of high quality and timely services.

SERVPRO water removal experts use state of the art technology and advanced cleanup and drying techniques. From water extraction equipment to air movers and dehumidifiers, we got them all. By using this equipment, removal and dismantling of your furniture and other household belongings are minimal.

We are a trusted leader in the restoration industry, and we are available 24/7/365. Before starting the extraction, cleanup and drying processes, you must sign the work agreement. Afterward, we explain the process of restoring your home, provide a firm estimate and explain the pros of Direct Billing. Since we are Faster To Any Size Disaster, we complete the water extraction and drying process in a few days. 

As a brand that your neighbors and friends have come to trust when it comes to dealing with water damage, SERVPRO of West Tampa is the company to call. To mitigate damage to your home, call our 24/7 emergency line at (813) 855-0888.

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How Tampa Residents Can Identify And Repair Water Damage In Attic Spaces

9/13/2018 (Permalink)

When leaks occur in your attic space insulation can act like a sponge, soaking up moisture and encouraging mold growth.

Water Damage In Your Attic

Attic spaces are an area where moisture and mold can build up undetected. Unpleasant odors, discoloration of your ceiling and changes in texture are all signs of leaking or burst pipes. Damage like this can occur from plumbing issues, a faulty HVAC, wind damage or extreme weather conditions. One thing that's for sure is that you need professional investigation and remediation.

Precipitation increases in the fall making water damage in Tampa a common occurrence. When leaks occur in your attic space insulation can act like a sponge, soaking up moisture and encouraging mold growth. The difficulty in treating these areas lies in accessibility which limits the use of standard procedure and equipment.

At SERVPRO, we have designed and honed a specialized service for attics and crawlspaces. A visual inspection can be carried out onsite by a trained technician. We are looking to locate the source of water. Be that from damage to the roofing materials, leaking appliances, plumbing or structural damage.

The next step in the procedure is to dry the structure which can mean removing sheetrock as well as insulation. Sheet-rock that is showing signs of saturation such as warping needs replacement and can be demolished by SERVPRO. Fiberglass insulation can be removed, dried and returned.

The equipment we can use includes rapid air-movers and dehumidifiers. Your technician can use moisture meters to ascertain the correct dry level in the affected area. Negative air pressure can be used in the affected area to limit the spreading of contaminated air or unpleasant odors into other areas of your home.

Where there is severe structural damage, it may be necessary to call in remodeling contractors. SERVPRO can identify areas where remodeling is needed and prepare the structure for remodeling work. We can also perform emergency board ups if there are apparent gaps in your roofing. These are temporary fixes designed to prevent further damage until the area is fully repaired by an external contractor.

If you suspect there may be mold or moisture building up in your attic space, do not hesitate. Call SERVPRO of West Tampa at (813) 855-0888 or request help online.

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Common Hazards to Avoid During Water Damage Restoration in Tampa

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage in any part of your home is a cause for concern. Call SERVPRO to dry out your home and remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Take Care of BOTH Your and Our Safety Concerns When Remediating Water Damage in Your Home

Before the water damage restoration process can start, it is essential to know whether the structure is safe and secure, because there might be many hazards at the site. For instance, the water may contain some layers of soil, toxic chemicals, pesticides, sewage and other hazards. It is one of the reasons why we use protective clothing and equipment when attending to such incidents in Tampa. We are going to at some of the safety measures we observe when we are working for you.
The water damage event in Tampa can leave standing water next to the outside walls of your home. When our SERVPRO team arrives at the site, we walk around the house and check for gas leaks and loose power lines. We also check whether there are any noticeable cracks in the foundation and windows. If the gas or electrical meters are outside, we shut them off to make sure the utilities are not running.
It is also the work of our SERVPRO technicians to remove the sediments that the water leaves in the house. We can use shovels to do this kind of work. We also clean any mud around the air conditioning and heating ducts. Where necessary, we can remove the registers or vents when cleaning the metal ducts and perform some demolitions within the crawl space area to promote accessibility.
Damp conditions create favorable conditions for mold growth, and if the wallboard remains wet for long, it may start disintegrating. Wood may also rot, swell, or warp and there is a need to dry your property as soon as possible. Our SERVPRO technicians can install air movers to circulate dry air around the structure. By using dehumidifiers, we can decrease the amount of moisture in the air and enhance the drying process. If we have to dry enclosed areas such as closets where air cannot freely move, then we may consider using desiccants.
SERVPRO of West Tampa is a trusted industry leader in water, storm, mold, and fire damage restoration. Call us at (813) 855-0888 when you need your residential or commercial property to be restored the right way.
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Water Removal Services for Flooded Downtown Tampa Hotel's Laundry Room

6/14/2018 (Permalink)

When water damages your hotel, we have the tools and equipment to complete your water damage restoration.

Water removal services for any part of your hotel

Behind-the-scenes activities in a hotel in downtown Tampa includes preparation of food and laundry activities. Without both of these, as well as other activities, running smoothly, hotel activities can become difficult to carry out as needed. A clogged drain or other problem with laundry facilities can cause problems that require immediate attention.

Hotels in the Downtown Tampa area need water removal services from an experienced company using the right type of equipment. SERVPRO offers emergency services that can help keep your current guests from feeling inconvenienced by not only restoring your hotel's interior but also by assisting your staff in fulfilling the needs of your guests. Linens and towels can quickly run out, but we can work with you to find a solution while we remove water from your laundry room floor and surrounding area. Doing so allows your employees the time to concentrate on maintaining high levels of guest satisfaction.

Restoring the interior area of your laundry room prevents damage from continuing to spread and worsen. Water not only seeps into other areas but also allows microbes to flourish. Microbes can begin affecting laundered items before staff members carry them to guest rooms, bringing spores with them and then infesting both rooms and guests' belongings. Dryers that remain in a humid environment can begin to rust on their drums, leaving rust spots on towels and bed sheets.

We quickly dry everything with air movers, along with air scrubbers, that dry out the indoor environment and remove any microbes in the air. Towels used after showering and swimming in the pool can harbor spores from mildew and mold, thus keeping the microbial population in your laundry room higher than usual. Eliminating these before they can cause problems protects the rest of your hotel from damage later.

Water can easily seep into walls, so we use our equipment to push dry air inside them. We monitor the amount of moisture in the air as it exits your walls' interior cavities. When it reaches a reasonable amount, we know the interior no longer contains excess moisture. Your floors receive similar treatment with heated mats that suction off evaporated water.

No matter what part of your hotel needs drying out, we carry the right type of equipment in our Green Fleet. We work quickly to minimize the number of rental nights lost and to keep any current guests, and your employees, happy by making it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of West Tampa works with businesses of all sizes and can help your downtown hotel recover quickly from malfunctioning equipment and broken water lines with our expert water removal services. Contact us at (813) 855-0888 to reach our 24-hour emergency services line.

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Why Professional Water Damage Restoration is Key for Tampa Residents

1/26/2018 (Permalink)

Water damaged homes require fast action, call SERVPRO as soon as you discover standing water in your home.

SERVPRO's Timely Efforts Minimizes Further Damage

Knowing the correct measures to take after experiencing a water damage disaster can help you mitigate the loss. Timing is so critical when restoring your property and failure to attend to the incident immediately may make your contents unsalvageable. That explains the importance of working with a certificated restoration service provider in Tampa. Experts in the industry should analyze the extent of the damage and determine what is restorable and what you need to replace.

There is a need for specialized drying equipment when addressing challenges that result from water damage in Tampa. Our SERVPRO technicians are well equipped and trained to use air movers, scrubbers, and dehumidifiers when restoring your property. We opt to use air movers to dry moist areas as they promote air circulation. They are devices that require correct positioning as per the IICRC standards to achieve efficiency in their operation.

There is a danger of leaving the excess moisture in place for a long time. Apart from the possibility of making your contents unsalvageable, it may promote the growth of mold that may cause health effects. Our SERVPRO team uses dehumidifiers to reduce the levels of moisture in the air and thus create room for evaporation. There are accepted levels of humidity, and that is what we work towards achieving when conducting the restoration.

If there are odors and particles in the air, then air scrubbers can play a very vital role. Dependent on the situation, our technicians may use a wet or dry scrubber.

Deodorization is also another option that we use to combat the unpleasant smells. The work of deodorants is to neutralize and mask the unpleasant odors. Before neutralizing the smells, we begin by identifying their sources.

SERVPRO of West Tampa restores your property to its preloss state and is a leader in storm, mold, water and fire damage restoration. Call us at (813) 855-0888 for unbeatable restoration services offered by competent experts.

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Water Removal Can Save Your Waterlogged Home In Tampa

12/22/2017 (Permalink)

When your roof leaks and lets water come into your Tampa home, you need to get things dry again as quickly as possible.

Water Removal Can Save Your Home

When your roof leaks and lets water come into your Tampa home, you need to get things dry again as quickly as possible. Water removal can take some time to fully complete, so beginning as early as possible keeps your home from suffering extensive more damages.

SERVPRO helps many residents in Tampa cope with emergencies with our water removal services. Skilled and trained, our technicians hold certificates in Water Damage Restoration (WRT) from the IICRC. When we first arrive, we perform an inspection that reveals much of the information we need to carry out the work your home requires. During this time, we measure the amount of humidity in the air and different materials throughout your home. Some of these elements remain dry, providing goals for other materials and belongings.

Besides removing the standing water in your home, we also remove the moisture that evaporates out of that water. This moisture makes the air humid and travels everywhere inside your house. Pumps alone cannot perform all of the work required to restore complete dryness again. Heaters and air movers lift additional humidity out of materials, and then keep it moving until other machinery removes this moisture from the air.

The use of dehumidifiers and desiccant machines considerably improve the efficiency of the rest of our work. These remove the moisture that evaporates so it cannot condense elsewhere. Heaters, during the colder months, allow us to work without needing to turn your home heating system on, protecting it from microbes that might exist in the air. During the warmer months, we open windows and doors whenever the air outside is drier than it is in your home.

At regular intervals, we take additional readings in your home to determine if our work meets our progress goals. When these readings indicate restoration of your home's natural dryness level, we know that we succeeded in our goal.

Experienced in helping families live in safe, dry homes, SERVPRO of West Tampa can help your family, too. Call us at (813) 855-0888, anytime, day or night, any day of the year, to reach our 24-hour service. Water removal services provide the protection your home needs while restoring dryness that makes your house a home.

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Water Damage Cleanup After a Dishwasher Leak in Your Tampa Home

10/26/2017 (Permalink)

If you find your home flooded from a failed dishwasher, call SERVPRO to properly remove the water and repair the damage.

The Importance of Humidity Levels in a Water Damaged Home

When you purchase a new dishwasher, you trust that the company who comes to deliver and install it knows what they are doing. However, sometimes you may run into a problem with it not being installed correctly, and you soon have a mess of water flooding your Tampa kitchen. You need to act fast to get the water cleaned up before it creates more damage than it already has.

A leaking dishwasher can put many gallons of water out into your Tampa home very quickly. Once you get the water turned off and not flowing anymore, you need help in cleaning up the water damage, so it gets dried properly. SERVPRO can come to your rescue anytime you need, so be sure to give us a call right away.

As water damage technicians, we always make a drying goal for any water damage situation. We also monitor the drying process each day to see whether the goal is being accomplished. A drying goal is a condition that we want to bring about in the affected area of your home. Our goal is to get your home completely dry again and to correct any damage which has happened due to the standing water.

Our process includes moisture content readings from dry, unaffected contents and the structure. We take readings in percentage for wood materials and in points for materials which are not made of wood.

SERVPRO techs use drier air to increase the rate of evaporation. Drier air means air with low humidity. A relative humidity of less than forty percent is essential for an efficient drying process. Relative humidity of under forty percent lets us know that the air is dry and thirsty, and pulls more water out of materials.

Measurements for relative humidity are however not as accurate as specific humidity readings. Reaching low relative humidity readings does not mean the structure is dry 100%, so we use specific humidity readings to make sure the humidity in the affected area is going down. When it is thoroughly dry, the specific humidity in the area should be the same or lower than the specific humidity in an area which was not affected.

SERVPRO of West Tampa takes care to ensure your home is dry again before we say the job is complete. Doing so avoids any additional damage in your home in the areas of Rocky Point, West Tampa, or Tampa, such as mold growth, so do not hesitate to call us right away at (813) 855-0888 when you have a water damage problem.

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Reopening Your Hotel is Imperative after Flood Damage in Tampa

9/17/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Keeps Tampa Hotels Open After Storm and Water Damage

Water Damage Affects Hotel Business

Water gushing in through the doors of your hotel in Tampa can feel like a nightmare. Carpeting becomes soaked with dirty water, walls begin to swell from the water wicking upwards, furniture ends up in jumbles in corners, and the destruction seems ruinous.

Tampa hoteliers can reclaim their hotel from serious water damage with help from SERVPRO. We became experts in our field by helping other major businesses and government facilities recover from similar devastating events. We strengthened our experience by earning certificates from the IICRC. Our Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) and Commercial Drying Specialist (CDS) certificates mean we can perform the work required to get your hotel open again and ready to receive your valuable guests once more.
If part of your hotel remains open to guests, we are also capable of setting up our equipment so that disruption to your guests' activities remain minimized. In severe flooding situations, complete closure of your hotel becomes much more likely, allowing us to work more quickly. Because we can concentrate on mitigation of flood damage without needing to keep guests' comfort and safety in mind, we can significantly minimize the time your hotel remains at risk.
The most visible aspects of our work include eliminating standing and puddled water, cleaning up of garbage and debris, removing damaged sections of walls, and drying out floors in preparation of new carpeting. There are several other parts to restoration and complete mitigation that must take place.
Testing of each guest room for the presence of mold spores and other microbes that can exist on surfaces and in the air and humidity levels provides us with answers that help us complete our work thoroughly. We do this before starting work, and then as the work progresses, and once again when we finish.
Ensuring that your hotel is dry once again is not enough. High standards while cleaning and sanitizing, especially in areas that can impact the health of guests and employees, are required. Application of antimicrobial agents kills pathogens.
Inside the hotel's kitchen, all foodstuffs that the water came into contact with, no matter how briefly, needs disposing of properly. Serving these items to guests or other individuals is in violation of health codes. All surfaces, including the undersides of counters and shelves, need disinfecting agents applied. Floors are cleaned and mopped, so they are again sanitary.
Throughout your hotel, flooding can create odors that your guests may find very disagreeable. We eliminate the problem at the source, so there is no more musty water-logged smell wafting through your hotel. Carpets in non-flooded areas can also hold moisture, so we highly recommend cleaning of these places.
SERVPRO of West Tampa can provide you with all of these services and any others that your hotel requires. Our goal is to help you restore normal business operations quickly and seamlessly. Call us at your convenience, day or night, at (813) 855-0888.

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An Overflow from a Hotel Kitchenette can Require Extensive Water Removal Efforts in Tampa

7/10/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Professionals know that working quickly is vital to keeping damage from increasing or spreading.

Water Overflow? Call SERVPRO

Having an in-suite kitchenette is one of the amenities that many people expect to have when traveling outside their hometown. However, just as when they are at home, accidents can happen, leading to extensive damages. These damages can be worse the higher the floor involved.

There are no buildings in Tampa that are impervious to disasters and overflows from a hotel room's kitchenette sink can require water removal services for large portions of that hotel. It may take hours for guests on lower floors to report the problem, especially during busy times when few people are in their room.

Water that goes undetected because guests are out sightseeing and enjoying the attractions in Tampa can create enormous water losses. The damage caused by overflows like this is never insignificant, either. Water removal is the best way to restore affected buildings quickly and thoroughly.

Because many floors are affected at one time, SERVPRO Professionals know that working quickly is vital to keeping damage from increasing or spreading. For hotels, keeping disruptions to a minimum and equipment as out of the way as much as possible is necessary to reduce the impact already experienced. However, we also know from experience that inspecting and assessing the area to gain a complete understanding of the disaster is paramount to being able to make it “Like it never even happened” once again.

Water problems of this magnitude, which is considered a Class 3 level, must be dealt with at every floor level that is affected in the hotel. Ceilings, floors, walls, and hotel furnishings must all be considered. We can discuss guests' belongings and their care, if desired. After as much water as is possible is extracted using extraction equipment designed for water that is visible on the surface, we switch to using heat and dehumidification with the use of air blowers.

Heat speeds up the evaporation process, and when porous materials are affected by water, they tend to release the moisture they hold just as easily as they absorbed it in the first place. Some materials are harder to dry out, such as concrete and wood because their structures trap moisture more quickly because of their higher densities. For the air circulation system to refrain from dispersing moisture that the heaters bring up out of materials, these should be turned off in the affected area.

Air blowers are used to keep the air moving so that moisture cannot settle on surfaces, only to be reabsorbed again, while the dehumidifiers collect the moisture from the air and trap it in containers. Floors are treated with heated pads that bring up moisture caught in them. Walls are dried more quickly when air blowers are directed at them, whisking that moisture out of them. Dampness felt on walls does not mean the process is failing, but rather that it is working as it should.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

While the water removal process can be an intensive task, no job is too large for SERVPRO of West Tampa. We can be reached, any day and at any time, by calling our local number (813) 855-0888. We know that your hotel is an important part of our area's overall economy and that your guests are what drive your business. We always treat our customers' guests like we would our own, with courtesy and respect.

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Water Damage Restoration in Your Tampa Home

3/31/2017 (Permalink)

Don't let a broken pipe flood your home. Call SERVPRO to remediate right away.

SERVPRO Has a Thorough Process in Place to Deal with Your Water Damage

Water damage in your home can come from various sources such as sewage backups, broken pipes, flooding from storms, malfunctioning appliances, and human error like overflowing toilets or sinks. Everyone at some point in their lives deals with water damage and the need for water damage restoration services from a professional such as SERVPRO.
When water damage happens to you, do not try to handle it yourself. The trained and experienced technicians at SERVPRO have the proper tools to do the job in your Tampa home correctly the first time. We can extract any standing water from the affected areas using high-powered pumps and wet/dry vacuums. The process includes removing carpeting, furniture, and other items out of the way so they can also be cleaned and dried. If there are items which are unsalvageable, we haul them away for you. After the water extraction is complete, the next step can start.
Structural drying is next. Our trained staff use heavy-duty fans and dehumidifiers strategically placed throughout the area for the best drying possible. We can tell which areas need to be dried, as water tends to seep into every nook and cranny. Ensuring the area is totally dry is our business. Once each inch is dry, we can go ahead with the next step.
Cleaning and the prevention of mold are next during the process of water damage restoration. Special cleaners and mold deterrents are used. Each area that was submerged in water is cleaned and sanitized, which keeps mold from growing, plus remove any odors. Our cleaning supplies leave behind a clean, fresh scent which you can be quite happy and satisfied with. They are not overpowering, or just cover up the smell from dirty water.
Lastly, if there is any need, we make any necessary repairs, such as re-tiling, rebuilding walls or floors, roof repair, or painting. Each restoration process is different, and we treat each case individually. At this stage is where you get to see your home returned to its state preloss. It is our number one priority that your home has a look and feel like it had before the water damage occurred.
Time is of the essence with water damage, so do not hesitate to contact us at SERVPRO of West Tampa when tragedy strikes. We are each to reach at any time when you dial us at (813) 855-0888.

Choosing the Right Storage Unit in Tampa

1/2/2017 (Permalink)

Using pallets as a base under the items you are storing can save them from potential water damage. Call SERVPRO for more ideas.

Helpful Hints Before You Store Your Items

More and more storage unit businesses have been cropping up across the United States in the past two decades, as more people are looking to store furniture and valuables they might not have room for in their home. Storage units, on the plus side, give a safe place to keep these times until you need them or are willing to get rid of them. However, they also present a very real water damage threat.

To avoid your items becoming water damaged and ruined, there are things you can check and steps you can take. If such a tragedy does occur to your storage unit in Tampa, you can call the professionals at SERVPRO to help repair what is salvageable.

Before renting a storage unit, ensure that you check the facility out thoroughly. Much like you would do with your personal property, check to see that the landscaping slopes away from the storage units, and that the location has enough drainage in case there is flooding or heavy rains. If there is any gathering or puddling of water somewhere on the property, you might consider this as a flood risk. The structure itself should also be in good condition without signs of water damage around or in the units. Water damage is generally apparent by stains on walls, flooring, or other structural parts of the building. Plus, if light from the outside can be seen while you are standing inside the unit, this means water can get inside easily.

Sometimes, people make the mistake of thinking that renting a storage unit means that their possessions are insured against loss by water or fire. This is not always the case; however, some companies might offer insurance as part of the agreement for rental. Therefore, you need to thoroughly read your agreement to figure out whether you are covered are not.

You should also use a crate or a pallet to elevate your items off the floor when storing material in a storage unit. You can also cover your things with a tarp to protect them in case the roofing is compromised and is leaking. If you find any leaks, ask for a different unit or demand that the leak is repaired before you move your valuables into the unit.

Even if after all these precautions you still have a problem with your stored items getting water damaged, you can contact our professional technicians at SERVPRO of West Tampa. We can come out right away to assess the damages, figure out what can be saved, and clean up and restore these items. Just give us a call at (813) 855-0888 if you ever need our help, and we will be there quickly.

Does There Need To Be A Flood Before Restoration Experts Will Deal With Water Damage In Tampa Homes?

11/21/2016 (Permalink)

In the United States, 37% of all homeowners have had their property or possessions damaged by extensive water damage.

When Should You Call The Restoration Experts Before Or After Water Damage?

In the United States, 37% of all homeowners have had their property or possessions damaged by extensive water damage. It can be a stressful experience, particularly for families, and it is crucial that, if this happens to you, there is a reliable repair team on hand to help.

Fortunately, SERVPRO provides a dependable, high-quality water damage restoration service. Our repair team is very skilled and has lots of experience dealing with domestic flooding and damp problems. This type of water damage in Tampa homes is usually caused by burst pipes, internal leaks, or dysfunctional appliances. The question is, should you wait until your home is facing a serious problem before you ask for professional help? More importantly, will a water damage restoration team respond to an emergency call, if flooding has not yet occurred?

Get A Guaranteed Response With SERVPRO
While it may be that other companies respond only to flooding, SERVPRO recognizes the value of early detection and repair. We strongly advise all homeowners to get in touch if they suspect that water damage is developing within their property. Whether it is a leaking roof or a clogged drain; we’re here to help and fix it quickly.

The thing to remember about leaks, in particular, is that they never stay small. While that drip in the attic might seem minor now, it is only a matter of time until the moisture creates a bigger hole and a more severe problem. It is always best to repair and restore small amounts of water damage while they remain mostly superficial.

Why Small-Scale Repairs Are Important Too
While our state of the art drying and dehumidifying tools are primarily designed to deal with serious cases of water damage, they can be used for small projects too. SERVPRO has a range of dehumidifiers of different shapes and sizes and we can pick the right one for your home. If there is no extensive water intrusion and the soft furnishings are mostly intact, we can work quickly to bring the property back its original condition.

Unless the water damage is related to gray or black liquid (from an overflowing toilet, for example), containment procedures won’t be needed. This means that you’ll be able to stay in your home while the technicians work. They’ll repair damaged materials by repainting stained walls, lifting carpets (if necessary), and thoroughly cleaning the affected area.

Don’t let water damage turn into a serious flood. Get in touch with SERVPRO of West Tampa for fast, reliable repairs. We are a locally based company, so you can expect us to arrive onsite quickly. Call us 24/7 at (813) 855-0888.

Why Water Damage in Your Home Should Never Be Ignored

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Quickly address water damage in your home.

Why Water Damage in Your Home Should Never Be Ignored

Water is literally a force of nature that can potentially cause a great deal of Tampa water damage in terms of expensive repairs. Understanding just how water can potentially damage the structure of your home or business will help you be prepared in case you ever have to endure it.

If your home or business is continually experiencing some degree of water leakage or even flooding, you shouldn’t simply ignore it. Regardless if your property consists of a big commercial building or a very small home, extensive damage due to water can contribute to a number of health issues, especially if mold starts to proliferate while costing you thousands in the end. Therefore, it’s crucial that you contact a professional like SERVPRO of Tampa in order to properly repair any damage due to water.

If you live in an area where there’s a great deal of heavy rainfall and your home isn’t properly equipped with water spouts, a sump pump, or rain gutters, then you are at a much higher risk of experiencing damage. Also, water seepage can infiltrate your basement and let water destroy a number of your expensive items including appliances, furniture, and flooring.

If your home is flooded, the first thing to do is to immediately remove your valuable items from the water. Afterwards, water damage repairs and renovations can begin. While most homeowners can make many repairs themselves, serious Tampa water damage is best addressed by trained experts.

Even though you may be warned about an imminent storm on the horizon, most plumbing issues are usually an unwelcome surprise. Shoddy plumbing work or poor maintenance can lead to many plumbing problems that may persist for an extended amount of time. Depending on the degree of the damage, it can literally destroy your home over time depending on where the leaking pipe is located. That’s why it’s imperative to immediately address any water in the home if you notice a leak, no matter how small.

Even minor plumbing problems can turn into major issues down the road. In the process, mold and mildew can create the ideal conditions for harmful bacteria and fungus to start growing and eventually cause a myriad of health problems for your family, including young children and family pets.

Contact an experienced Tampa water damage and restoration service like SERVPRO of West Tampa to handle all your particular needs. If left unchecked, water leaks will inevitably cause more damage to your home or business, which is why they need to be addressed the instant you notice them.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of West Tampa is close by and ready to respond to your flood or water damage emergency. We are proud to be an active member of the Tampa community and want to do our part to make our community the best it can be.