Commercial Photo Gallery

Mold Damaged Church in Tampa

The mold damage to the upper reaches of this structure in Tampa required the expertise, equipment, and skills of a first-class mold remediation company. SERVPRO can provide the know-how and all the logistics to remove the mold safely without contaminating other areas of the church and with minimal interruptions to the weekly services and other routines. Need help in a big way? Call SERVPRO.

Water Problem in a Call Center--Tampa

Small amounts of puddles spread out over an office area in Tampa may not pose a structural problem, but slipping and falling must be avoided at all costs. Secure your workplace by calling SERVPRO to remove unwanted water and keep the phones ringing.

Commercial Water Damage – Tampa

Commercial water damage at this Tampa school occurred when the sprinkler system sprung a leak. SERVPRO of West Tampa can facilitate repairs to the sprinkler system and remove and replace the soaked ceiling tiles. Our trained and certified technicians can also inject warm air into the space above the tiles to dry the entire affected area.

Tampa Flooding Problem in a Building

The picture shows a water damaged corridor in a hotel in Tampa. The conduit tubes are channeling the airborne moisture to the exterior of the building. The green machines set up by SERVPRO technicians in this typical array are working hard to dry the establishment with a minimal amount of disruption to the guests.

West Tampa Flooding in a School

The deluge brought stormwater, along with mud and some debris, into the hallway of this school in West Tampa. We arrived early on a Saturday morning to clean up the damage and have the building sanitized and ready for the students on Monday morning.

Commercial Water Damage – Tampa

Commercial water damage associated with storm damage often knocks the conventional source of electricity out. SERVPRO needs to run quite a lot of equipment to remediate the damages. Pictured is a large trailer mounted commercial generator that can be used when other power sources are unavailable.