Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

West Tampa Condo Closet and Mold

If seasonal residents do not control the RH relative humidity in their condos when away, then often mold infestations can result. This walk-in closet in West Tampa needs serious mold remediation. The damaged walls can be torn out by SERVPRO technicians, and then an antifungal agent sprayed into the wall cavities before closing up the opening.

5-Star Review

We received a 5-star review from a customer regarding a mold infestation that our team was able to eradicate. The customer was impressed with our knowledge and expertise when it came to dealing with mold. They were also pleased with our fast response which helped prevent mold from spreading and limited the damage. When it comes to mold removal SERVPRO of West Tampa is the team to count on. Check out the full review here.

West Tampa Mold in Bathroom

After removing the cabinet, the exposed area in a West Tampa bathroom can be treated for mold remediation. SERVPRO techs have the skills and resources to tear out the non-repairable green board and spray the wall cavity with an antifungal agent.

Mold Remediation Need in West Tampa

Storage sheds, when pelted by heavy rains, can often lead to large mold infestions requiring remediation. SERVPRO technicians can remove the damaged materials and then spray the area with an antifungal agent. We can also advise our customers on means of preventing future problems.

Mold Damage – Tampa Home

Mold damage at this Tampa home developed under a kitchen skylight. The seals for the skylight had dried out allowing moisture to enter the interior walls beneath the skylight. We tore out the damaged drywall and cleaned and treated the base of the skylight.

Rocky Point Bathroom Mold

This modular tub and shower unit has been infested with mold. Poor ventilation of moisture laden areas, like a bathroom in Rocky Point, often lead to the needed for mold remediation. Make sure to use or have installed a ventilation system to channel the moist air from this small room.

Mold Remediation in a Tampa Garage

The broken water line led to a severe mold growth over the ceiling in this Tampa garage. We extracted the water from the concrete floor as we contained the infestation with poly sheeting and dried out the attic with directed rapid air movement. We then sprayed an anti-fungal agent to lessen the chance of mold spores developing into new fungi growth.