Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage – Tampa Construction Site

Water damage occurred at this Tampa hotel which was under construction. Torrential rains had flooded many areas of the construction project. SERVPRO of West Tampa was well known to the construction manager, so he called for help. We dispatched crews immediately and began pumping water from the site. Drying equipment was quickly set up to avoid any secondary damage from moisture left in and around the building materials.

Rain Water Damages a Hardwood Floor in West Tampa

The open windows let in sufficient water to soak into the hardwood flooring in this West Tampa Home. The drying mats provide tight suction to draw moisture from the joints and the subflooring supports. Count on SERVPRO techs to salvage your property and mitigate water damage.

Water Damage – Tampa House

Water damage in this photo shows just how much of a problem water can become. Drywall, insulation, and studs all can be harmed by even minor water damage. SERVPRO of West Tampa has the expertise and equipment to restore all of the damage.

West Tampa Condo and Water Problems

The photo shows the water damaged caused by the wicking up the side of this kitchen base cabinet. All the floor level items were affected by this water leak. We did succeed it quickly drying out the wet items with heated air movers and several dehumidifiers. Fast service can always save a homeowner money and inconvenience.

Ceiling Damaged by a Water Leak

This damage occurred when the water heater in the attic burst and resulted in flooding to the attic crawl area with 40 gallons of water. The water damaged ceiling and insulation were removed by our technicians, and then we started drying out the opening.

Ceiling in West Tampa

The water leak followed the line of least resistence and soaked into the ceiling in this part of the music salon. A SERVPRO technician inspected the attic area and then placed the correct drying equipment to eliminate further damage and odors from occurring. After drying, we primed the ceiling area before the homeowner's general contractor came to finish the cosmetic restoration.