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Crawlspace Cleaning in West Tampa

Many residents in the West Tampa area do not understand the importance of a clean crawlspace. Poor ventilation can lead to moisture buildup resulting in signifi... READ MORE

Water Loss in a Tampa Bedroom

Water leaked into this bedroom in Tampa from a busted water supply line from the adjacent bathroom. The water, though it was clean and uncontaminated, wicked in... READ MORE

Storm Damage Restoration In West Tampa

When a storm damages your roof letting water into your home, you need the team at SERVPRO. We are ready 24/7, and we will respond quickly to your storm damage e... READ MORE

Water Damage – Tampa Office

Water damage at this Tampa office was suffered due to a plumbing line in an adjoining bathroom bursting over a three day weekend. The water damage was discovere... READ MORE

Mold Cleanup for a Tampa Driveway

Pavers, having a rough surface capturing organic matter and of course moisture from rain and dew, make the perfect formula for mold growth. This unsightly drive... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Tampa Office

Commercial water damage struck this Tampa office when there was a groundwater intrusion related to a severe thunderstorm in the area. Polled water can be seen i... READ MORE

Fire Damage In Rocky Point

There is no doubt when it comes to fire damage repair and restoration the team at SERVPRO is the best choice. Our fire restoration technicians are ready to answ... READ MORE

West Tampa Mold in an Attic

The moisture level in this upper floor condo unit in West Tamp was high because the HVAC was not working. The warm, moist air is a conducive condition for the p... READ MORE

Storm Damage - Tampa Beauty Salon

Storm damage at this Tampa beauty salon occurred during a series of terrible thunderstorms. The roof of the building was breached, and the leak allowed rainwate... READ MORE

West Tampa Condo and a Water Leak

A leaking pipe, even a small drip, can eventually lead to a ruined floor and walls in a West Tampa townhouse. SERVPRO recommends to our seasonal residents to ha... READ MORE